The Madam

Art by: Thraeh
Commissioned by: Atlantis 27

“Hello, young gentlemen. This is the House of Hellish Harlots. We offer devilishly decadent pleasures for the discerning and adventurous. I am The Madam. What desires would you like to indulge on this lovely evening?”

The Madam runs the House and has done since time immemorial. While she puts on an aristocratic and refined front, her bedroom knowledge is unparalleled. She knows every sexual trick in the book (and some that aren’t) when it comes to pleasuring a man (or woman), and has mastered all of them.

It’s a rare visitor that gets to experience her skills first-hand. She has been known to take men to her bedroom, but only those that catch her eye and have the stamina to survive many rounds of strenuous (and sometimes deadly!) lovemaking with the succubi and monster girls under her.

DEV NOTE: The Madam currently doesn’t have a scene implemented yet. There are plans to add one later.