This is an area to let the public try out experimental builds of House of Hellish Harlots.

Currently I’m playing around with upgrading the basic text-only look to add graphics and a different UI. I now have a playable demo of the first 3 rounds which has all the main game mechanics (NPCs) in place and 16 harlots for the player to play with.  Art is still temporary placeholders – either AI-generated or private commissions of characters. It’s still very rough in places (especially the UI elements!).  For the moment I’m using it to give an idea of the likely screen layout and my plan is to replace the placeholders with proper commissioned art.

This section is very hacky.  Things won’t work.  Pictures might not display.  They won’t be scaled properly or optimised for different devices.  The button opens the game in a new tab as I can’t get my changed layout to play nicely with Embed Twine within WordPress.  It is all, as the tab says… experimental.

I would like to improve the look of House of Hellish Harlots so it starts to look like a regular game, and this is the start.  All feedback and any helpful tips gratefully received.

(Opens in a new tab)

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