M.E. Hydra’s Books

M.E. Hydra has been writing succubus and monster girl themed erotic horror for a while. If you’ve enjoyed The House of Hellish Harlots, you might also enjoy these ebooks at Amazon and other online book retailers.

The Succubus Summoning Series

Phil Rowling goes to a special warlock college. He summons a succubus and a lot of sex and other misadventures ensue.

The first book of novice warlock Phil Rowling’s misadventures with succubi.

The eponymous short story bridges SS101 and SS201. Also included are a couple of other short stories set in the Succubus Summoning universe. One of which is exclusive to this publication.

The second book of Phil Rowling’s adventures with Verdé, Rosa, and friends.

The A Succubus For Series

Each is a collection of thirteen erotic horror short stories featuring seductive and dangerous succubi and monster girls.