v0.052 – NEW HARLOT (1st Feb 2024)
– Adds new harlot scenario: Nicolette

v0.051 – NEW HARLOT (1st Jan 2024)
– Adds new harlot scenario: Sister Squeeze

v0.050 – NEW HARLOT (1st Dec 2023)
– Adds new harlot scenario: Toxina Luxú-Sapo

v0.049 – NEW HARLOT (1st Nov 2023)
– Adds new harlot scenario: Squidgii and Squishii

v0.048 – NEW HARLOT (1st Oct 2023)
– Adds new harlot: Brittnee

v0.047 – NEW HARLOT (1st Sep 2023)
– Adds new harlot: Mistress Eve Satana
– Some changes to allow for harlot scenarios in different locations than the bedrooms
– Minor changes to The Elegant Woman code to track what information she’s given player

v0.046 – NEW HARLOTS (1st Aug 2023)
– Adds new harlot: N3P-NTHes
– Adds new harlot: Aphroú Kanáta ton Ouránia

v0.044 – NEW HARLOT (1st Jul 2023)
– Adds new harlot: N’gleria Sepiida
– Adds a new ailment and charm.
– Housekeeping changes to reallocate harlots to correct factions.

v0.043 – NEW HARLOTS (1st Jun 2023)
– Project re-organised into separate modules
– Bug fixes for Suka no-Hiruda: Black Rose works as expected on repeat visits. Bad End sets semen value to 0.
– Adds new harlot: Cyane
– Adds new harlot: Lagona Voluptes

v0.041 – NEW HARLOT (1st May 2023)
– Adds new harlot: Lady Flumpth

v0.040 – NEW HARLOT (1st Apr 2023)
– Adds new harlot: Hati Krim

v0.039 – NEW HARLOTS (1st Mar 2023)
– Adds new harlot: Negralima-V
– Adds new harlot: N-Carnizadalama
– Adds new harlot: Cerastesia

v0.038 – NEW HARLOT (1st Feb 2023)
– Adds new harlot: Leppi Navitas
– Adds repeat visit functionality for Succuba
– Adds repeat visit functionality for Amoura D’Coeur

v0.037 – NEW HARLOT (1st Jan 2023)
– Adds new harlot: Ch’oojrana

v0.036 – NEW HARLOT (1st Dec 2022)
– Adds new harlot: Succuba

v0.035 – NEW HARLOTS (1st Nov 2022)
– Adds new harlot: Pavitra Titalee
– Adds new harlot: Epicratea, the Ebony Succubus

v0.034 – NEW HARLOTS (1st Oct 2022)
– Adds new harlot: Huntress Levka and her ‘hounds’ Minyette and Zhopa
– Adds new harlot: L’iaculatia (Dodgeball Arachne)

v0.033 – NEW HARLOT (1st Sep 2022)
– Adds new harlot: Kiki Sumoppai

v0.032 – NEW HARLOTS (1st Aug 2022)
– Adds new harlot: Atómica, La Bomba de Amor
– Adds new harlot: Nef 0-CWMWL
– Adds new harlot: Pêl-Z Perffeithio

v0.031 – NEW HARLOTS (3rd June 2022)
– Adds new harlot: Llefrith SWMP-08, the Black Latex Milkmaid
– Adds new harlot(s):  Huntress Diana and Khruutka
– Adds new harlot: Burbalka

v0.030 – NEW HARLOTS (1st May 2022)
– Adds new harlot: Sasori Oiran
– Adds new harlot(s): Elita-05 and Elita-07

v0.029 – NEW HARLOT (1st Apr 2022)
– Adds 1 new harlot: Amoura D’Coeur

v0.028 – NEW HARLOT (2nd Feb 2022)
– Adds 1 new harlot: Cruiscíní Gadaí-na-Duine (Big Boobfairy).
– Cíocha Gadaí-na-Bod’s (Little Boobfairy) scenario can now lead to a follow-up scenario with her and Cruiscíní together.

v0.027 – NEW HARLOT (1st Jan 2022)
– Adds 1 new harlot: Suffocatrix Assphyxia.
– Slight tweaks and changes to Suffocatrix Mamilla and Alsharajea Hira.

v0.026 – NEW HARLOTS (1st Dec 2021)
– Adds 2 new harlots: Cíocha Gadaí-na-Bod and Misty.

v0.025 – UPDATED PUBLIC DEMO (2nd Nov 2021)
– In response to public feedback, both The Barman and The Madam’s introductions are skippable. There is now an accelerated start option that will take the player right to the first round of harlots. That should speed up playing new games considerably!
– A clearly defined endpoint. The demo covers the first 5 rounds (of 13) within the House.
– A smoother difficulty curve. The more dangerous and harder-to-survive harlots have been pushed back to Round 5. This is now designated as a special ‘boss’ round and the current endpoint of the demo. This should reduce the chances of getting 3 harlots that are impossible or next-to impossible to survive for the first round. There are still some dangerous combinations. The Madam gave you a Mulligan Token for a reason. Don’t be afraid to use it!
– Added more hints The Barman can give you.
– Added the option to buy a charm of choice from The Buxom Lolibaba for the cost of a Mulligan Token.
– Added new ailment cures for Nurse Honey (although not all are being used yet).
– Added 9 new harlots to take the total up to 40 (with some having repeat visit functionality).
– Fixed various bugs and typos.

v0.020 – FIRST PUBLIC DEMO (20th Jun 2021)
– First public demo covering the first few rounds of the game.
– Has a full intro (skippable on the future playthroughs) explaining how the main character arrived at the House and gives the player the option to set their dispositions.
– Has the main game loop fully implemented. Each round the player selects a demonic harlot and visits their room where unearthly pleasures await. If the player survives, they get to choose again.
– Contains 7 helpful(ish) NPCs that explain how the House works, give helpful (sometimes) advice, and sell useful items to the player. These are The Madam, The Barman, The Elegant Woman, Nurse Honey, The Doctoress, The Buxom Lolibaba, and The Portly Gentleman.
– Contains 31 different harlots, each with their own specialties. Figuring out how to leave their room afterwards is the purpose of the game, but if you fail, they’ll probably show you a good time before taking your soul.
– There are rules determining which harlots are up for selection each round. If The Madam tells you she has no more harlots, you’ve reached the end of demo.